Field Target Shooting?  Yes! At Indiana Airguns!
AAFTA National Championships 2017

Field Target Shooting? Yes! At Indiana Airguns!

Airgun Hunter Field Target shooting is another way to enjoy your airgun.  Indiana Airguns is committed to giving you the chance to experience this inexpensive and incredibly fun way to use your gas piston, springer or PCP airgun to compete in a fun and friendly social environment.  The inexpensive break barrel gathering dust in your closet is probably perfect to get you started.  Both .177 and .22 are allowed as outlined in the official rules of The American Airgun Field Target Association. You can get started, then if you get hooked (an excellent chance exists), you will know when it is time to upgrade your equipment. An inexpensive .177 will definitely get you started.

On June 9th, 2018 the Christian Airguners of Indiana will host a fun social shoot at the Indiana Airguns range at 2688 west 500 north, Anderson Indiana.  There will be guns available to shoot and five lanes of AAFTA standard targets to shoot.  If you already have an airgun, please bring it.  The HPA, targets, ammo and hot dogs on the grill will be provided at no cost.  We ask that you help us maintain a family friendly atmosphere at all times.  Shooters of all ages and skill levels are welcome, kind and patient instruction is always available for novice shooters.

The potential exists for formation of a sanctioned AAFTA club that would allow you to shoot on a local level and also qualify for national and world championship matches.

Field target competitions
AAFTA Field target competitions

Hunter Division Rules

The Hunter Division shall abide by Common Division Rules defined in this Handbook, as well as by the following rules.


A. Rifles shall not exceed 20ft/lb of energy measured at the muzzle.

B. Fore-end depth is limited to a maximum of 6 inches, measured from the center of the barrel to the lowest part of the rifle forward of the pistol grip.

C. No shooting jackets, harnesses, straps, or shooting gloves that restrict movement (e.g., Anschutz or Creedmoor). Clothing worn by the shooter must not restrict body movement.

D. Knee pads or other forms of padding or risers placed between the arm, thigh, knee, leg and/or rifle may not exceed 2 inches in thickness.


A. Optical sights of any reticle style may be used, but are limited to a maximum of 16 power magnification. Variable scopes of greater than 16X must be turned to the 16X or nearest lower factory marking on the scope.

B. No Windage or Elevation adjustments allowed during the match.

C. Optical sights with parallax adjustment may be adjusted so that the target is in focus. Range (yardage) markings may be used.


A. A rifle sling attached to the rifle at only two points may be used.

B. Adjustable components on the stock may not be adjusted during a match. No butt-hooks or thigh-rests are allowed.

C. Only monopods, shooting sticks, or bipods may be used. Any such aids must rest on the ground and may not be driven or otherwise embedded into the ground or shooting pad, and cannot be attached to the gun: must release from the gun as the gun is picked up, and must not connect to the gun with studs or devices that restrict gun movement. A single stop may be used in front or behind the gun support, but no other anchoring mechanisms are permitted. (See Allowed Bipod Setups in full AFTA Handbook).


Any form of seat without back or arms support may be used, but the seat may NOT be used to support the gun while shooting.

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