Why choose us?

Good question, here is (we hope) a good answer.

  • Indiana Airguns LLC is a company that grew out of a ministry, The Christian Air Sports of Indiana. The ministry  could not exist without the business and the business would not exist without the ministry.
  • Adult precision precharged pneumatic (PCP) airguns need a supply of high pressure air, we have a 5000psi Komptec cascade system that can fill a rifle or top off an air tank in seconds and AIR IS ALWAYS FREE.
  • We have a 300 yard range with a shootroom that has shooting benches that look out onto the range. Any weather, any temperature we can show and shoot in comfort.
  • We carry in stock, or can quickly acquire all the popular brands and models of air guns.  Spring, gas ram, PCP and all the variations, along with ammo, optics and accessories.
  • We are committed to outstanding customer service and a family friendly environment based on Christian ethics.

We LOVE talking air guns.  Call us at 765-716-0536.