Break Barrel airguns
Break Barrel airguns are named after the mechanical action used for loading and cocking this style of airgun. The barrel is the cocking lever and when cocking the airgun, it looks like you’re breaking the barrel. The barrel swivels down on a hinge pin to expose the breech for loading pellets. This same cocking action also compresses the spring or gas piston. The compressed spring or gas piston will deliver compressed air to propel the pellet. This airgun cocking design makes a simple and highly cost effective way to shoot airguns.

There’s a couple designs similar to Break Barrel Airguns that also compress a spring or gas piston, but they use a separate lever instead of the barrel. The separate lever is either an underlever or side lever.

NOTE: Break barrel owners should ensure the airgun hinge remains tight and the breech seals properly during the cocking operation.