FX Dreamline Classic


FX Dreamline Classic PCP Air Rifle. Light weight; Side lever bolt; multi-shot; accurate; Available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber; QuietEnergy …

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FX Dreamline Classic

The FX Dreamline Classic immediately draws the eye of shooters who prefer the comfortable and classic lines of a traditional sporter stock combined with proven 21st century FX technology for outstanding accuracy and performance. The look and feel of rich walnut never gets old, but if you wish variety, the Dreamline Classic can become whatever your dream wishes it to be. It can easily become a different caliber on a totally different platform. Conversion kits can make your .22 Classic morph into a .177 Dreamlite , or a .30 Dreampup, or a .25 tactical synthetic, or a number of other configurations. Your need and imagination are what build your dream air gun.

Changing platforms is just the beginning. You can change your Smooth Twist X barrel liner to match a twist rate to your favorite ammo, the AMP regulator travels to all platforms and is externally adjustable, and you have three different adjustments that can be made to the transfer ports. Flexible, adjustable, tunable and all with legendary Swedish engineering that has proven itself to be a winner. The FX modular system allows you to reconfigure your gun for multiple applications instead of going back to square one for each need.

What else can the Dreamline Classic offer you? How about a silky smooth side lever action, match grade two stage trigger (fully adjustable), high shot count, a beefy 250 cc reservoir, and a three year transferable warranty.

The Dreamline classic has a fully shrouded barrel that makes it quiet, but for those that want super quiet, the Donny FL moderator can add whisper quiet to your list of Dreamline praises. Donnly FL is a USA made product of the highest quality in airgun sound moderation. They offer the addition of rugged good looks along with their well deserved reputation for sound reduction.

Additional Features

  • 1/2 inch UNF threads for moderator mounting
  • AMP externally adjustable regulator
  • The safety is manually engaged
  • The scope rail is dovetail
  • 5.9 lbs light weight air rifle (in .177 & .22)
  • 6.2 lbs light weight air rifle (in .25 & .30)


Additional Information

  • High capacity 250cc volume air cylinder
  • 500mm barrel length for .177 and .22 calibers
  • 600mm barrel length for .25 and .30 calibers



  • Dreamline PCP Air Rifle
  • 1 magazine
  • Fill probe



Power Source


, , ,



Black Pepper Laminate, Synthetic, Walnut

Scope Mount

11mm Dovetail

Air Capacity


Max Fill Pressure

230 Bar / 3335 PSI

Moderator (LDC)

FX factory DonnyFL (+80), Shrouded Barrel


Barrel Length




Open Sights

Not Included

Magazine Capacity

FX Dreamline mag .177= 21 shot, .22 = 18 shot, .25 = 16 shot, .30 = 14 shot

Single Shot Tray

Not Included

Butt Plate



Safety Engagement



Airgun Weight

5.9 lbs, 6.2 lbs

Manufacturer Warranty

3 Year Limited


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