Hatsan Hercules Bully Airgun

$999.99 $899.95

New in the box – Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Air Rifle. Bullpup design; Side lever action; Carbon Fiber bottle; Available in .177, .22, .25, .30, .35 and .45 caliber;

Best price in town on a New Hatsan Hercules Bully. Airgun does not include scope, scope mounts or rings.

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Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Bullpup Airgun

The Hatsan Hercules Bully (aka Hatsan Bully) is a new bullpup airgun from Hatsan. If you ever wondered what an airgun sledge hammer looks like, now you know. The Bully doesn’t sling pellets down range, it pounds them down range with authority.

The Bully is a traditional bullpup with the majority of the weight toward the butt of the airgun. This makes shouldering and holding on target easy. This bullpup airgun has an adjustable cheek weld for comfortable and repeatable shooting. The side lever action is smooth and consistent. The 480+ cc carbon fiber bottle allows for fills up to 3600 psi which results in power shots and high shot count. It also removes weight from the front of the airgun.

Hatsan Hercules Bully offers a long weaver / picatinny rail for easy scope and accessory mounting. It’s easy to get the  scope eye relief in the perfect spot. It comes with removable fiber optic sites adjustable for wind and elevation. The Hatsan Bully also comes with a Hatsan sling and installed sling studs.

Out of the box, it’s tuned to give maximum velocity for fewer shots and it hits like a freight train. The energy coming out of this bullpup is amazing. In our testing, the max velocity listed below is accurate.

This PCP bullpup has the power to shoot slugs and the tuning adjustability to shoot pellets. If you’re looking for a higher shot count, no problem. The Bully has an adjustable hammer spring that is fairly easy to adjust and will allow you to tune a shot curve the way you want it. With a few turns of the hammer spring screw, we were able to get over 120 shots in .25 caliber shooting JSB Kings. All shots were over 800 FPS.

Hatsan Hercules Bully comes with 3 magazines. 2 of the mags can be stored in the butt of the polymer stock. The magazines have great depth and allow for shooting almost any slug or pellet without the need to single load each shot.

The Hatsan Bully PCP Airgun also comes with Hatsan’s QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel and Integrated Sound Moderator which quiets the shot report by approximately 50%.

All in all, we’re impressed. Hatsan created a high value PCP bullpup for a moderate cost.

Additional Information

  • Max power output
    • .177 caliber – 50 FPE
    • .22 caliber – 60 FPE
    • .25 caliber – 75 FPE
    • .30 caliber – 115 FPE
    • .35 caliber – 150 FPE
    • .45 caliber – 290 FPE
  • Max Velocity (lead pellets)
    • .177 caliber – 1,450 FPS
    • .22 caliber – 1,300 FPS
    • .25 caliber – 1,200 FPS
    • .30 caliber – 1,070 FPS
    • .35 caliber – 910 FPS
    • .40 caliber – 850 FPS



  • 3 magazines
  • Hatsan sling
  • Swivel sling mounts
  • Spare O-rings
  • Fill probe


Hercules Bully


, , , , ,


Power Source



Scope Mount

Weaver / Picatinny

Air Capacity


Max Fill Pressure

250 Bar / 3600 PSI

Moderator (LDC)

Shrouded Barrel with Internal Baffles


Barrel Length




Open Sights

Included – Fiber optic with adjustable wind and elevation

Magazine Capacity

Hercules and Bully – .177=17 rd, .22=14 rd, .25=13 rd, .30=10 rd, .35=9 rd, .45=7 rd

Single Shot Tray

Not Included

Butt Plate





Safety Engagement



Hammer Spring

Airgun Weight

10.3 lbs

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year Limited


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